Journal: 3rd July 2013

Notice how I’ve skipped quite a lot of dates? Well that’s because in between my last journal post and this one, I went on a holiday to Paris/London. There may or may not have been too many photos, and obviously as you already know, I’m an incredibly lazy person so I’ll sort through the photos at a later time and make a post then. In the mean time, let’s pretend I’m back from my holiday, and I’ve already packed up my whole entire house in boxes and I’m currently living in the Kerry Hotel.

I pretty much spent my last week in Shanghai with friends and wandering around Shanghai like a stereotypical tourist, sorta like a staycation. Anyways, I was supposed to get a haircut at Hyatt on the Bund but my hair stylist wasn’t there so I decided since I was in the area, might as well I go take some photos around the area. Yes, I do have hair stylist trust issues, but that’s a story for another time.

I started of on Nan Xun Road (南浔路) and kinda just walked around the area.

I love taking pictures of people’s laundry, it’s too much fun. Sometimes I feel like I’m invading their privacy, especially if it’s underwear/bras but you know, it is hung outside for the world to see so why not. And hung laundry is such an interesting topic to photograph; a plethora of photographic opportunities.

Yaaaay more laundry pictures!

These are one of my favourite photos of all time. Maybe it’s because the iconic pearl tower is entwined with the olden Shanghai and the new modern Shanghai; maybe because the very essence of Shanghai is embodied in this picture; maybe because I just love it. I don’t know, I think it may be because you generally don’t see the Pearl Tower from this perspective, or at least very rarely, thus looking at it from this perspective brings the whole thing to another level.

I’d do nearly anything and everything to be back in Shanghai right now, to be a tourist in my own city again. I want to walk the little alleys and streets, smiling at strangers while I’m creepily taking photographs of their lives. Shanghai streets gorgonize (hehehe I just learnt this word today. It means to have a paralysing or mesmerising effect) your camera so immensely that shutterbugs will willingly spend forever getting lost in this city.

Hehehe and here I present to you meatsticks man! Actually, this isn’t measticks man, this is.

His name is Boss, or at least that’s what he named himself. Boss makes the best meatsticks and veggie meatsicks in Shanghai. I’m biased though, because he’s only 5 minutes away from where I used to live. He’s become a mandatory late night snack, which may also be because there’s a Lawsons right opposite him so people have easy access to alcoholic drinks.

Since I was near the bund area, there were multiple couples taking wedding photos! Chinese brides very nearly ALWAYS wear red, and their dresses always have some elaborate design that occasionally makes it over the top and funny. Just personally, how much better would the dress be without that furry thing? They also always do these hilarious poses that are so cliched and stereotypical chinese.

Most symbolic and iconic view of Shanghai ❤ ❤ ❤  My city, my home. Thank you for the past 13 years.

Hehehe that night for dinner, my dad and I decided to go to Jean Georges, this Michelin Star french restaurant on Three on the Bund. Except I was dress extremely casual but you know, casual attire never stopped anyone from enjoying find food. In fact, it may make the whole dining experience better as you’re generally more comfortable in what you’re wearing.

“The discerning cuisine at Jean Georges Shanghai features a mix of the finest natural ingredients blended together in unique and surprising ways that light up the eyes and the taste buds. Under Jean George’s gifted direction, Executive Chef Lam Ming Kin transforms classic French dishes through the use of bold, Asian-inflected seasonings and unexpected flavor combinations. Fresh vegetable juices and aromatic herbal infusions act as natural flavor enhancers that create depth and complexity without the heaviness of traditional cream or meat-based sauces. Bringing bright modern flavors to traditional cooking techniques reflects the core of their culinary philosophy. It draws the basic essence and nuanced flavors of quality ingredients to the fore and allows them to truly shine.”

Jean Georges Bread

Sorry for the terrible photos – it’s exceptionally hard to take pictures of food when the restaurant is basically pitch black as you have to resort to using flash, and flash never looked pretty on food. I always wonder why classy restaurants are generally so dark. I mean it’s not like their food presentation is ugly so they want to use the darkness as a cloak. Silly people.

The bread was delightfully scrumptious. Warm and fluffy bread that’s semi hard on the outside? My favourite kind of bread. I’d take it anyday anytime. Sometimes I wish I can go to restaurants and just eat the bread and leave, it’s all I ask for in life.

Foie Gras

If memory serves me correctly, this is the foei gras with pineapple ‘sauce’. Yea I know, when I first looked at the menu I was a little taken back – pineapple and foei gras? What? What’s going on in the world? Funnily enough, it tasted amazeballs. The sourness of the pineapple mixes harmoniously with the saltiness of the foei gras. Nomnomnomnomnom


For the main course I ordered the salmon with sautéed spinach, black olives and passionfruit sauce! Except I gave all my olives to my dad because ewwww olives, not a fan.  Once again, passion fruit and salmon and spinach? Who would have thought. There’s a reason why this is a Michelin star restaurant. Probably why.

Chocolate dessert

What meal would be complete without dessert? Wouldn’t even be a meal if there was no dessert to indulge in, or at least that’s my life motto. This is chocolate lava cake-ish with vanilla ice cream! Probably the fourth best chocolate lava cake I’ve had. First is at Capo  second at whisk, third at ps. cafe which leaves this fourth. I take my chocolate desserts very seriously. Except WHY WAS THIS DESSERT SERVED ON A PLATE?!?!? Do you know how difficult it is to eat ice cream and lava cake from a plate? Practically impossible. Only thing stopping me from licking the plate was  the classy ambience.

Aaaand that’s a wrap for the day!

I hope you’re having a good day today!

Jin x

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Journal: 14th June 2013

Awks this is more than one month late but better late than never right. After the Koh Samui trip, I suffered withdrawal symptoms. Hard. Are you trying to tell me I couldn’t wake up to the view of Koh Samui and the infinity pool anymore? What? No fruit platter already prepared for breakfast? No decently sweet and prices mangos in Shanghai either. Nope this bed definitely isn’t as big or as fluffy. Where are my friends. Where’s the sun and blue skies?

Obviously to cope with these desperately depressing withdrawal symptoms, we decided to go for thai food at the Simply Thai nearby (plus I had a 50% voucher so it was only mandatory we went). We looked at the menu and we gawked at the prices. I mean after the amazingly cheap food in Koh Samui, anything above 20RMB seemed ridiculous and not worth it. Thank goodness for vouchers.

Pad Thai! No Pad Thai can ever beat road side Pad Thai. No price can ever be cheaper either. It wasn’t scrumptious, but it was edible.

Because we had the voucher, we decided to order some platters so everyone could share. Who doesn’t like platters? You get to taste everything. There were spring rolls, samosas, fish cakes (favourite), and these shrimp-pineapple-peanutball thing. I know it sounds really weird, but I actually really enjoyed the shrimp-pinapple-peanutball. You wouldn’t think the flavours work well together, but surprisingly they do. The sourness of the pineapple is offset by the sweetness of the peanut ball, and the shrimp adds some freshness to the whole thing. I had about 8.

The lemongrass flavour in the ribs was beautiful. The meat-bone ratio? Not so much. I don’t like putting in so much effort to try and take the meat only to find more than half of it is bone. I like my meat.

To this day, we still have no idea who ordered this green vegetable curry. It just turned up on our table and left there, until someone realised it’s existence. Everyone’s just like YAAAAY FREE FOOOD! Until it turned up on our bill. Awks. It’s a little like sayur lodeh, but I’m a bigger fan of sayur lodeh.

Duck fried rice with pineapples and cashews. I love it when fried rice comes with pineapples and cashew nuts (I should keep this in mind next time I’m making some fried rice). Minus the semi-oiliness of this fried rice, I really enjoyed it.

Satay! Didn’t particularily enjoy this because in my head, nothing can beat Satay Club’s satay in Singapore. Singapore satay trumps all, especially the peanut sauce. When it comes to a peanut sauce, I love mine chunky and thick. Don’t give me the runny ones – they don’t even stick on to the satay. However, the grilled mushrooms and tomatos were reaaaally good. Hard to go wrong with grilled vegetables.

Seafood Tom Yum Kong is probably one of my favourite soups of all time. Hello? Seafood and spicy soup? Automatic winner in my book. The ones from Simply Thai are really generous with the mushrooms, but not too generous with their seafood. Ehhh perks of living in Shanghai.

Koh Samui gang minus the two that didn’t want to come and the ones who couldn’t wake up on time. 10 year reunion?

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!

Jin x

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Wednesday Wishlist: 17th July 2013

Here’s to all the items I currently crave yet don’t actually need, until I manage to convince myself that I do actually need them. I can be pretty convincing if need be.

Disposable Camera by Urban Outfitters

Word Party

These aren’t no normal film cameras yo (please excuse that). These are the c00l k1d versions of film cameras (who would have thought film cameras could have gotten any cooler). Basically, these film cameras by Urban Outfitters are film cameras that come pre-edited in a way. As you can see from the picture son the right, the film already comes designed with words/pictures/anything really. Thus when you print the photo, it’s almost as if you printed them post photoshop. Am I making any sense? I don’t really know how to explain this. Okay e.g. for the Remember this version, on the bottom right, it says NO REGRETS on the picture. The no regrets word is fixed there, thus the background picture is just the picture you take. Does this make better sense…? I hope so. But how sick would these be, especially the birthday ones. These cameras are great for a night out because if you lose them well… they aren’t exactly ridiculously expensive in comparison to let’s say DSLR’s or even digital cameras. Count me in.

Needle & Thread Solstice Mini Dress by ASOS

To be fair, I probably won’t even wear this dress very often – it’s one of those dresses where you can probably once wear it a few times because it’s so bright and loud that it’ll definitely be remembered. Also, how many occasions are you going to attend in which you’re going to be wearing a full on sequined mini dress? But you know, apart from the ridiculous 400SGD+ price tag, it’s actually a beautiful dress. Something about the tribal-y yet darth vader-y symmetrical print makes it so unusual and perfect.

Hand-Embroidered Mali Rug by Anthropologie

How stunning and exquisite is this rug? I love how it’s circle shaped instead of the typical square/rectangular shaped rugs you find, which makes it just that little bit more interesting. I definitely need this in my new room. Somehow the stripes of different prints just mix so well with each other, almost as if it was meant to be.

Louise Saxton – Ellis’ Paradise 2011, after Ellis Rowan 1917

This intricate and divine artwork is by Melbourne artist Louise Saxton. This particular peice is made by reclaimed needlework, lace pins and nylon tulle and is 142 x 99cm in size. Any homeowner will be lucky to hang this anywhere in their home. With the vibrant  and dynamic colours, mixed in with the elaborate and ornate needlework… Words fail me right now. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this piece.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger Card by Rifle Paper Co

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS TIGER? If anyone gave me this card I’d put it on my bedside table and wake up to it every morning. All I need for my morning motivation dose.

Mini Pineapple Underwire Top by JCrew

Hehehe mini pineapples. You know the brief period where people were obsessed with pineapples (or at least it seemed like it from my Tumblr dash)? Yea, I never really understood that. But how cute are these little pineapples. Bonus that this bikini is an underwire top – my ultimate favourite kind of bikinis.


Jin x

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Musings from Storiesaregoodmedicine

I came across this article today which discussed the debate on professionalism and ‘ethnic dressing’, and it sparked off this inner-debate in my head. How come in the corporate business world (or at least the corporate business world I know), I rarely see any forms of ethnic dressing? Why? Why is it that some people think they have to give up their ethnic ways of dressing to ‘fit’ in with the stereotypical corporate dressing? Or even worse, why are some people barred from wearing their ethnic dressing in the workplace? Should we not be celebrating the diversity each culture has to offer the world?

Here’s a few bits that really resonated with me


Suit or Sari? On Professionalism and ‘Ethnic’ Dressing

by Sayantani

 She urged us conference participants to be assertive, not aggressive, in our speech, to think about standing and sitting with confidence, to avoid lilting upward at the end of our sentences, to resist being cut off by others while we’re speaking.

All of this made a lot of sense to me. I know that women are often taught to defer to others in conversation (“no, no, you go ahead”), that we may unconsciously adopt physical postures of passivity or childishness (the cocked head, the crossed leg stance while standing), that we may sound as if we’re apologizing, for even our names (“my name is Sayantani??”).

And yet, when the lecture got to the issue of dressing for presentation success, I began to feel distinctly uncomfortable.

“Don’t wear skirts that are too short,” she said, “And — man or woman,  if you’re planning on crossing your leg at the ankle (a gesture men often do), please wear calf-high socks. There’s nothing as distracting as a hairy leg – female or male.”

Ok, no hairy crossed legs, check. Seemed simple and logical enough.

“Don’t wear patterns, scarves, obvious jewelery or dangling earrings — they distract from your face and your message,” she urged.

Ok, I guess I could see that, I thought, thinking dubiously of the patterned scarf I was wearing, as well as the embroidered Indian top, the gold paisley shaped earrings – also from India.

“Don’t wear patterned clothing – I stick mostly to black, and perhaps one solid color to pop,” the lecturer added. She was wearing black pants and a red blazer.

That was the advice that continued to bother me. After all, just the night before, at the conference’s formal gala, I was among one of few women in ethnic dress (a salwaar kameese, dupatta, and fancy jacket), and got nothing but compliments. It’s a deliberate gesture of ethnic pride I often make at formal occassions, but it’s also a practical one – my nicest and most dressy clothes are usually Indian clothes.

Over the next few days, I began to wonder –  do such pieces of advice eliminate personal style – either regarding speaking or dressing? Do they mandate an appearance of ethnic homogeneity? I mean, did Aung Sung Suu Kyyi or Winnie Mandela or Indira Gandhi (all powerful global women leaders and speakers) avoid patterns and jewels? In this rapidly shrinking global world, was it possible for all women to dress alike anyway?

Might a woman wearing a sari at a podium get a different reception than a woman wearing a dark suit? Perhaps. I guess it depends if the podium is in New York or Topeka, Washington or New Dilli. But isn’t that difference in reception one worth challenging and interrogating?

I guess my point is – ethnic dressing, like standing straight, meeting people in the eye when I talk, and not apologizing for my point of view, is actually a form of assertive communication on my part. It’s a personal choice – just as any other woman’s style of professional presentation is her personal choice.

And honestly, even if  if I dress like Hillary Clinton or Madeline Albright, no one’s going to be mistaking me for them any time soon. If people are prejudiced against me for dressing ethnically, will they be any less so if I put my brown skin and Indian face in Western clothing? I hazard an assertive no.

Like the question mark I keep trying to keep off the end of my sentences, I don’t want to apologize for looking, and sounding, like exactly who I am.


I’m going off track a little, but I think the Indian ethnic dressing is absolutely beautiful. The mix of the golden bangles that make that whimsical sound when they your hand sways, the way the sari flows and swings with ever step you take, the endless henna decorations trailing your hand makes everything seem picture perfect.

I don’t have any form of ethnic dress so I can’t really say for individuals who do wear their ethnic wear on a daily basis, but I hope to see more individuals wear their ethnic wear to the workplace. Like Savantani rightly said – would people look at you any differently if you dress in a suit?

And the bit about not wearing patterns, over-the-top jewelry, scarves, dangly earrings… WHAT. That’s outrageous. I understand the corporate workplace dressing attire isn’t as ‘daring’ as  let’s say, the fashion industry and magazines (or at least stereotypically it isn’t), but I don’t believe we should let these social ‘restrictions’ limit our style. I understand we shouldn’t wear ostentatious jewelry that makes us look like a gold mine, but what’s wrong with dangly earrings if they’re simple and understated? Also, what’s wrong with scarves? It’s always cold in office buildings so you know, if it’s cold, I’m going to be wearing my scarf thank you very much. And no patterns and only solid colours? Hah yea no, that’s not going to happen. I’m not going to go and wear some disco printed top, but I’m going to wear patterns. I like my patterns mixed in with my solid colours.

At the end of the day, there will definitely be limits to what one wears at a workplace, especially for females. It’s easier for men – suit/tie/pants/jacket/shoes, but for girls there’s just so many other options that it makes the boundaries a little hazier and equivocal.

But you know, I for one wouldn’t mind seeing more ethnic dressing in the workplace.

Hope you’re having a good Monday!

Jin x

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Journal: Post Prom Activities

Hehehe I talked about the graduation/prom, but I never really talked about the shennanigans we got up to after. Well, here it is. Since the prom was at Ritz-Carlton, Maggi’s parents got us a room there! A ROOM! Okay technically speaking we paid for the room, but her parents got us a sweet deal, and since her dad is some VIP member, we also go a free upgrade hehehe. Which means that for a SUITE in the Ritz-Carlton that overlooked the bund (meaning you wake up in the morning to the Pearl Tower), only cost us 1000RMB. Parent perks.

Polaroid 462

As aforementioned, we had a limo (Thank you Maggi’s parents!) Basically after prom, we all went up to the bedroom to get changed to flood Perry’s Cafe full of Dulwich’s post-prom happenings. Then we come downstairs to see this limo waiting for us… No one complained.

There was this little embarassing moment when after we got out of the limo, we realised the limo’s windows were see-through……. Awkward. We didn’t get up to any crazy/wild activities in the limo but still. Hint to anyone – make sure your limo is fully tinted before you start whipping your head back and forth.

Now, about this Perry’s Cafe. Don’t let the ‘cafe’ full you into thinking it’s all about bookworms sitting in the sun while sipping on their exotic lattes. Perry’s is more of a bar mixed in with a cafe mixed in with a pub mixed in with a bit of everything really. Everything in Perry’s is written on – the walls, the menus, the lights, everything. Every available surface is marked by someone’s memories.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 1.33.58 PM

I absolutely love them though; the act of leaving your mark in a place you’ve been, mixed in with all the other strangers you met that night just seems so befitting.

So we get to Perry’s, and all we could see were our ‘alumni/fellow graduates’ swarming the place like infested bugs. Literally, the whole place was filled with our year (waheeeey last bonding session!) We got there a little later though, and most people were already drunk out of their minds. As I always remain sober (maybe I’ll talk about this at a later date), I love drunk people even more. They never fail to crack me up with anything that comes out from their mouths, and also because they generally make fools of themselves hehehehe.

We pretty much just spent the night drinking (well they were drinking), smoking shisha (they were smoking shisha), PLAYING KINGS, dancing on the chairs/tables, and other shennanigans. Best night that’s unequaled by anything.

Drunk People

Did I also mention I love being sober because it means I can take hilarious photos of the not-so-sober people? Welcome to exhibit A. Oh I love my friends.


Exhibit B. Notice the picture on the left. It was extremely awkward to watch, yet at the same time immensely comical. Zoe (the girl on top of Celin) was very into what she was doing that it was even awkward to watch…. Yea no, I’m not going to elaborate anymore, I think I’ve done enough. The picture on the right is where we’re all standing on top of the tables and struggling hard not to fall.


Exhibit to the shisha activities. Doesn’t Nic (left) look like the ultimate hipster-office-desk-job worker.



Favourite people ❤


Of course the night warranted a mandatory 3am Maccers run. French fries and burgers at 3 in the morning? Never has there been a more suitable timing for Maccers.

We get back to the hotel and we didn’t really sleep till 5+ in the morning due to various different reasons. Let’s just say puking and crying were involved with some individuals, while other individuals just wanted to fall asleep (guess which category I belonged in).

But you know, other than that, and the lack of sleep the next morning, the night was second to none. Take me back?

Enjoy the last day of your weekend!

Jin x

Friday Finds: 12th July 2013

Yes, I realised today is Saturday. But how about let’s just pretend it’s Friday today so I can post my Friday Finds? Thank you

1. Lasagna grilled cheese

Just take a deeeep breath and look at how beautiful this grilled cheese looks. It is recipes like this that makes me excited to do grocery shopping in University and cook everything on my own. Seriously though, lasagna and grilled cheese combined… a definite match made in heaven.

2. 25 sign’s your addicted to books

It’s the most accurate buzzfeed post I think I’ve ever come across. I can fully vouch that the signs are accurate, especially the one about how the book is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS better. I have yet to come across a book which has a better movie. Movie’s ALWAYS fail the book, or at least in the ones I’ve watched.

3. Scrapbooking! 

These scrapbook are from Project Life, which is this hybrid between scrapbooking-photo album, which sounds perfect to me. Sometimes I wish I was more creative and actually scrapbooked and there are times where I’m tempted to buy the supplies but I don’t know, I just never did. Although I have a feeling Project Life will get me to, since it’s not 100% scrapbooking and is basically a photoalbum, with that weee bit of decoration. Perfect.

4. Shelly Floral Cut Out Skater Dress

I’m loving this dress from Misguided. The subtle side cutout is enough of a cut out for me (I was never one to bare much midriff skin), while the print just makes the whole dress adorable. OH did I mention it’s a skater dress too? OH and it’s ‘only’ 20pounds. I’d say that’s a relatively decent price. Although who knows, if I try this dress on, maybe I’d look like a Chinese porcelain bowl.

5. Soft and chewy smores cookies

If the picture and the name doesn’t get your attention, then I don’t know what else can get your attention. Maybe it’ll help if I write it in shouty capitals. SOFT and CHEWY SMORES COOKIES. SMORES. SMORES. SMORES. SMORES. Do I have your attention now? I can’t wait to bake these bad boys once I get my oven in the new house!

6. Aj Fosik

Check out these tribal inspired wooden sculptures by Aj Fosik! I’m still deciding whether I’d hang them in my room/house though. I mean on one hand, the rich vibrant colours are just too beautiful to ignore, but on the other hand, I’ll be terrified of them in the dark. I I guess it’s the eccentric blend of beautiful and monsters that make these sculptures so majestic.

7. Pesto Chicken Salad

If you don’t know me, pesto is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. I’ve come up with so many sandwich combinations involving pesto it actually gets a little weird sometimes. (Quick tip: pesto goes great with apple and cheese in a sandwich. Please, just try it). I’ve actually converted a few people into pesto lovers. This guy I know actually wrote in my yearbook “Thank you for revolutionising my sandwiches.” See what I mean? ANYWAYS, i’m getting off topic. How epic does this sandwich look? And it’s relatively easy to make, so bonus points for that.

8. I’m having a love affair with New York City

I would buy this pouch in a heartbeat; wouldn’t even think about it. Actually I lie, it depends on the price. Yea no, this cost 20SGD. Sorry, as much as I love New York City, I’m not spending 20bucks on a pouch. Still, if anyone wants to buy me a superduper early birthday present, or just make my day. Or if you have 20SGD to spare you know.

Hehehe well that’s it for today. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Jin x

Question of the day: What’s your favourite book/movie of all time?

Journal: Graduation & Prom 2013

I realised I talked about my grad trip, but I never really talked about what happened during graduation. Ooops? I mean I did dedicate an entire post about exams being over, that was filled with GIFs but you know apart from that, let’s talk about what actually happened during/post graduation.

Okay where do I begin. My last exam was on the 21st of May, and the graduation/formal day was on the 23rd May. In the morning, we had a ridiculously boring practice graduation ceremony. You know, the usual this-is-where-your-seat-is, and other increasingly boring things like this-is-how-you-shake-hands because you know, we didn’t know how to shake hands or anything. Except that went on forever.

Our actual graduation ceremony was in the afternoon at 4pm. More than a few tears were shed. It was an incredibly emotional moment where we had to stand facing the teachers and parents, and you look at all the familiar faces around you, knowing this may be the last time you see them. Then you look at the faces of your teachers, and your heart swells with gratitude and love for these individuals who have helped you (although to be fair some didn’t really help at all but ehhh still nice to say thank you). All the students were just looking at each other, not really knowing what to do, yet you could tell in our eyes that while we were filled with joy to be finally graduating, none of us wanted to bid our goodbyes just yet.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 11.35.08 AM

Can I just say how uncomfortable these hats are? Seriously. They make your head all itchy and hot but you can’t take it off and it’s just terrible. Also, no one looks good in them. Kudos to everyone out there who actually manages to pull these hates off, or look half decent.

Look at how cheerful and carefree we look after we threw our hats up in the air. YAY NO MORE HATS. Oh and of course YAY FINALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL. I have my priorities straight…. I promise. Everyone just looks so ecstatic and joyous.

Don’t we look adorable and unspastic. There’s a reason they’re my best friends. I don’t think I could ever be best friends with sane people, it just wouldn’t be as fun. Oh that’s Rachel and Celin (HI CELIN) and Saj in case anyone was wondering.

After that there was the typical let’s take photos with everyone in our gowns and hats moment, except we had to rush home to get ready for the prom because we only had an hour to get ready. I mean for me 1 hour was enough since I literally just had to shower and get into my dress. Makeup? What makeup. Hair? Yea I shampooed and conditioned it, might have even brushed it. That’s the extent of my hair routine. It’s a good day if I brush my hair

That day also marked the last time I’d ever wear the school tie. I’m not a big fan of ties but hey I’m a sentimental person. That tie will always hold a special place in my heart. To the future me that reads this 109238102984 down the road, I hope you still remember who these people are. IF you don’t (shame on you really), that’s Bryanna Hunt, you, Rachel Chan and Maggi Gao.

Also, check out that limo behind. It was ours (: But more on that later. I’m getting ahead of myself. Officially, the formal started at 7:30 but the actual doors only opened at 8:00, so we took advantage of the location to take some pre-prom photos. The prom was held at the Ritz Carlton in the IFC, and they have the greatest bar on top with the best view. You get a view of the bund and it’s just majestic and perfect. We went up there to take a few photos since we didn’t have enough time to actually go on the bund to take the stereotypiccal Shanghai pre-prom photos there.

What more can you want to have the iconic Pearl Tower behind you in your pictures? It’s all one needs really. Looking at these pictures just makes me nostalgic for the old times. Everyone looked beautiful (I mean they still do but… I hate tenses)

Also obviously Eric was my date.

Once again, just in case the future me is actually doesn’t remember any of these people (I promise I will not let that happen), that’s Eric Schlott, me, Nicolas Prieur, Celin Phoen and Avila Magee.

As you probably realise from the photos above, it was REALLY REALLY REALLY windy. It didn’t help that I had a large slit in my dress so needless to say, I’m pretty sure I had countless of Marilyn Monroe moments. Except I 103% wasn’t as graceful as she was, and neither did I look so elegant while having my skirt fly up. Awkward moments. Let’s just hope I didn’t flash anyone.

Then it was time for the actual formal! I don’t know why I sound so excited now because it really wasn’t an exciting formal. You would think in the Ritz Carlton the food would be delicous, but it was only mediocre at best. The only redeeming quality was the creme brulee, which I would have gladly eaten 38471230481732 plates.

We arrived a little before doors were scheduled to open so SURPISE SURPRISED we took more photos! That’s Charlotte Suen, me, Kangan Sehgal, Linton Wang, Kimberley Seet, Narissa Brennan and Celin Phoen.

Quick sidenote about Linton – greatest Vicotiran/Edwardian guy ever. I’m still confused which century he likes but I know it was one of them. There’s a reason he’s dressed like that. He comes to school in bowties and these ribbon things and he even custom made his own winter tail coat and he has a cane and words can’t even describe how brilliant it is. He’s known around school as the guy who wears ribbons.

Whenever people talk about him, it’s just like Linton? Who’s Linton. Then you all you have to say is THE GUY WHO WEARS RIBBONS AND TAILCOATS and they’re just like OOOOOH THAT GUY. Okay, back to the topic at hand.

Just for future me again: Eric Schlott, me, Kangan Sehgal, Matt Tayler, Rachel Chan, Omar Kanaan, Narissa Brennan, Hursh Gupta (OMG I JUST REALISED NISA AND HURSH ARE STANDING NEXT TO EACH OTHER hehehe), Sajanee Samules, Celin Phoen and Alex Strickland (Stricko).

I didn’t really take many photos because there wasn’t anything interesting to take… Average formal.

This is Ms. Rajput! She’s my psychology teacher, and one of the coolest teachers I know. I mean for starters check our her tattoos. How many teachers do you know have their entire arms covered in tattoos? She’s really loud and when she talks on facebook it’s as if she’s a 12 year old kid, and she’s really funny too. She’s actual ‘friends’ with her students.

This is Mr. Mao! He was my maths teacher and one of my favourite teacher. Even though sometimes he can be really moody and temperamental it’s scary and everyone in class is intimidated, he’s hilariously funny. He always makes these academic puns and these crude jokes. He’s also the one that said “in life, there’s only winners and participants”. Greatest insult if he called you a participant. It’s these little jokes that made HL maths that little bit more bearable.

In all honesty, HL maths classes were only not horrific because of the people in the class, so thank you to all of you guys who made maths class that much happier.

This is Mr. Clappeton! He was my form tutor for 2 years, and he also runs IA. So much to say about him. He’s the one that made me try snails because ‘the chilli sauce was so good that it would be a waste to not try it with snails’. He also made our class have a birthday cake schedule in which everyone had to bring in cake for someone else’s birthday. How can you not like a teacher who makes bringing in cake compulsory?

This is Hu Lao Shi! You can probably tell from her name that she’s my mandarin teacher. She always gave us cookies and candy when we got hungry in mandarin since mandarin classes were most normally before lunch time. She also let us watch Sun Wu Kong! She was a really funny teacher too (sometimes) and she loved joining in making fun of other students.

The way to my heart is honestly just food and comedy. I kid you not.

And here’s one last picture to make you smile, and to make you understand what I mean by I don’t make friends with normal people. I love you guys ❤

ITS FRIDAY TODAY! I hope you guys have a great weekend

Jin x

Question of the Day: What’s the way to your heart? Food? Books? Movies? Nerdy?